ZT30 Optical Pod

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SIYI ZT30 Optical Pod Four Sensors 4K 8MP 180X Hybrid 30X Optical Zoom Gimbal Camera 640 x 512 Thermal Imaging High Accuracy Laser Rangefinder 2K Wide Angle 3-Axis Stabilizer UAV UGV USV Pod Payload for Drone Surveillance Inspection


• 640 x 512 High-Resolution Thermal Imaging (Thermometric)
• 4K 180X Hybrid Zoom, 30X Optical Zoom
• 2K Ultra-Wide Angle
• 1200-Meter High Accuracy Laser Rangefinder
• 4K Ultra HD Video Recording and Photography
• Split Image, Synchronized Zoom
• Limitless Yaw, Quick Release
• Nose Mode
• Upside Down Mode
• Compatible with ArduPilot & PX4 (Mavlink)
• High Accuracy and High Collaboration Control Algorithms

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ZTZT30 Optical Pod
5,362.00  VAT not included