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    Drone flight planning and control software by SPH Engineering
    Automated drone mission planning, integrated photogrammetry and geotagging tools, import of digital elevation models (DEM) and KML files allows map customization, and the battery switching option for long routes make UgCS an effective solution for large area surveying.

    Save time and money
    • UgCS is universal and supports most commercially available drones.
    • Import and create routes from customer-supplied KML data and save more than 50% of your time.
    • Save travel days and before leaving the site, validate acquired data by merging images with UgCS Mapper offline processing software.

    Increased flight safety

    • Increase data capture productivity by at least 2x with the built-in automatic photogrammetric planning tool.
    • Plan and fly missions offline, even in desert areas, thanks to the offline map caching feature.
    • Fly long routes, resuming flights from a given waypoint after battery change

    Increase surveying productivity

    • Use pre-installed DEM data or import more accurate DEM data to increase the accuracy and safety of terrain-tracking missions.
    • Adjust the permitted flight range and no-fly zones to fly in accordance with regulatory requirements.


    • Automated LiDAR toolset
    • Field monitoring
    • Importing routes from KML or CSV files
    • Photogrammetry tool.
    • Vertical scanning tool
    • Area scan tool for non-camera sensors
    • Corridor mapping, SAR patterns
    • Import of custom maps and custom data
    • Live geotagged video streaming
    • Offline work

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