Smart 4S 30Ah

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The smart escort, for safe flight, with bms for better comprehensive performance.

Benefits and Features
• Battery Capacity Can Be Observed: Battery level is available from the BMS. Real-time power display.
• Protection: Protect the li-ion battery from water erosion.Enhance battery life; improve the safety in use.
• No Special Charger Required: Equipped with an XT90 adapter the regular charger can be used.


• Dimensions: 199.6mm*88.2mm*76.6mm
• Voltage: 14.8V
• Capacity: 29700mAh
• Continuous Discharge: 3C(90A)
• Max Discharge: 5C(150A)
• Energy: 444Wh
• Energy density: 211.4Wh/kg
• Weight: 2100g
• Plug XT60

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Smart batterySmart 4S 30Ah
699.00  VAT not included