MK15 Mini HD Handheld Agriculture Smart Controller

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8-Core CPU
Dual Full HD Digital Image Transmission
1080P HD High
Brightness Monitor
1P65 FPV
15 KM Wireless Digital Image
Dual Full HD Image Real-Time
The link of MK15 is based on SIYl’s independent wireless HD image transmission technology, which is an all-in-one link integrated with remote control, datalink, and video streaming. The technology has a smart feature that the transmission can adapt to the frequency band with least interference.
MK15 agriculture version equiped with standard omni antennas, at spraying altitude, the transmission range is up to 4 kilometers.
Above results are tested in unobstructed and free of interference fields. 5.5-Inch High-Definition Monitor
1000-Nit High Brightness Display
MK15 smart controller comes with a built-in 5.5-inch high-definition and high brightness monitor. Max 1000 nit (cd/m?) of brightness presents high clear screen display information from ground control software and high-quality images.
Android OS Superior Performance
MK15 smart controller carries Qualcomm 8-core CPU, which can smoothly decode 1080p 60 fps video stream by hardware in either H264 or H265 format and efficiently run various ground control software.
*MK15 Android platform also comes with full band 4G network and supports streaming HD video to cloud server by SDK development.

Spraying in complicated and unpleasant environment with MK15 system, we suggest that A2 mini ultra wide angle FPV gimbal. A2 mini’s horizontal 160-degree ultra-wide-angle lens provides an extensive view of the spraying field where operator can get a clear sight during flight without adjusting the drone frequenctly. Quick decisions can be made to ensure safety.

The traditional IP65 camera with searchlights is also® a reliable option. Waterproof and dustproof, no fear to pesticides and other liquids, easy to clean and maintaince.

After striving in the tier-one market for many years, MK15 smart controller is endorsed by many of the core manufacturers in the agriculture drone supply chains, such as EFT, JIYI, VK-FLY, BOYING, and so on.

And the MK15 link is deeply integrated and compatible with their products that customers can get ready to spray fast and maintain drones easily.

The vision is to build long and prosperous ecology in the industry.

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MK MINI HDMK15 Mini HD Handheld Agriculture Smart Controller
463.00  VAT not included