Dronetag BS

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Meet the black sheep of the Dronetag family. If you call the whole concept of Remote ID the epic B***S***, our Basic Solution is the perfect solution for you! Dronetag BS is a no-fluff bare Direct / Broadcast Remote ID minimum for aeromodelers, FPV pilots, and hobbyists to get them RID-ready. Compliant with EU & US standards, FAA approved.

Pretty upset about Remote ID requirements for recreational pilots? We get ya. New rules in EU & US regions force Direct / Broadcast Remote Identification (RID) to nearly all pilots. Dronetag BS is here for aeromodelers, FPV pilots and recreational pilots, making their drones compliant without sacrificing limited payload or losing hobby.

This 1-gram device equips your drone with Bluetooth Direct / Broadcast RID. However, its installation requires external antennas, one for Bluetooth and one for GNSS positioning. Plus, a power source because Dronetag BS comes without any battery. Can you install it on your ultralight FPV drone? Or a custom-built beauty? If yes, go for BS and get compliant in no time! BS is so flexible that you can use it regardless of which drone you use.

If you own DJI or any other branded off-the-shelf drone with sealed-off hardware, the better option for you is Dronetag Beacon. You can easily stick it on the drone without pulling out any wires. Beacon is a fully independent device that comes with a built-in battery, accelerometer, antennas and many other features. What is more, you can quickly swap it between all your drones!

Flexible Mounting
Dronetag BS is a tiny circuit board that can fit inside the smallest aircraft required to be Remote ID compliant. Use double-sided tape or velcro to mount it in the desired place.

Device Management via Mobile App
Forget about disassembling your aircraft to change the settings or update the firmware. Take care of everything in our multiplatform mobile app.

External Antennas for Bluetooth and GNSS
Dronetag BS comes with two U.FL connectors for external antennas. The package does include basic Wire antennas. Other types can be bought on our e-shop so you can freely select the proper shape and length.

Powered from Aircraft VIN or Battery
BS is designed to operate with power inputs ranging from 3.3V to 17V. The most commonly utilized sources for power input include the flight controller, an aircraft battery or external single-cell LiPo battery.

Flash Memory for Flight Data Logging
The device has internal flash memory able to store a few hours of flight data for later export. CSV/KML files can be easily visualized in Dronetag App or, e.g., Google Earth.

Supercapacitor for GPS
BS is equipped with supercapacitor to maintain a GPS fix for 7 minutes in case you need to power-cycle your aircraft.

ASD-STAN EN 4709-002 & ASTM F3411-22 compliant
Suitable for all regions adopting any of those standards. Broadcast over Bluetooth 4 & 5 to up to 3 km range (distance drone to smartphone). Dronetag BS is Approved by FAA (check the DoC here).

Betaflight Controller Integration for GNSS
With the Betaflight controller, use Dronetag BS as GNSS input for telemetry information and GPS rescue. Thanks to an M10 module from u-blox, a state-of-the-art chipset for positioning.

Futaba and Spektrum Telemetry Module
Still in development, but soon you can turn Dronetag BS into a telemetry module. With radios Futaba, Spektrum and similar, simply connect the aircraft radio transmitter to the JST connector (3 or 4-pin).


• Remote ID types Direct (EU) / Broadcast (US)
• Short-range radio Bluetooth 2.4GHz
• Average current consumption 15 mA
• Maximum current consumption 50 mA
• Mounting Adhesive or velcro
• Operating temperatura -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
• Dimensions 17 x 14 x 5 mm (0.66 x 0.55 x 0.19 in)
• Weight 1 gram (0.035 oz) excl. antennas and battery
• Supported baud rates Standard ones, configurable in the Dronetag app
• Input voltaje 3.3 – 17V
• Input voltage regulator Low-noise buck converter
• Remote ID Standards ASD-STAN EN 4709-002 & ASTM F3411-22
• Certifications Uses FCC/CE-approved radio module
• Remote ID technology Bluetooth 4.0 Legacy + 5.0 Long Range

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