Ares 6S 27Ah

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ARES, a new type of solid-state Li-ion battery, offers superior reliability and performance compared to traditional batteries.

Benefits and Features
• Hight Energy Density: The average energy density reaches 250 Wh/kg, and it stores more electricity.
• Long Service Life: Long life with full capacity for up to 300+charge cycles.
• More Convenient: Small in size and weight compared to traditional batteries.
• Low Discharge Rate: The discharge interval of each battery cell is from 3.0 to4.2V.
• High Safety Factor: The maximum safe charging current is 15A.

Multiple Application Field
Ares batteries are suitable for a variety of small and medium drones. Lighter weight, smaller volume, and longer flight time.

• For Delivery: The high energy density of Ares batteries can improve endurance, sea transport is necessary.
• Photogrammetry: Ares batteries are suitable for a variety of small and medium drones. Lighter weight and smaller volume, longer flight time.
• Real Estate: Their capacity for expansive continuous operation ensures all work is completed in one go, making Ares batteries ideal for real estate applications.


• Name/Parameter: 6S*27000mAh
• Nominal Voltage: 22.2V
• Operating Voltage: 25.2~16.8V
• Capacity: 27000mAh
• Size: 213*91*65mm
• Weight: 2380g
• Energy Density: 252Wh/kg
• Charging Current: 54A
• Continuous Discharge: 5C(135A)
• Max Discharge: 10C(270A)
• Charging Temperature: 0~45℃
• Discharge Temperature(5C): -10~55℃
• Charging cycle(5C): 300

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