Agras T30

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The DJI Agras range of agricultural drones has helped create the smart farming revolution, making time-consuming, low-production farming operations a thing of the past. These intelligent drones are designed for crop spraying, covering large areas with speed and precision. DJI Agras drones can be used for more precise application of crop protection products. Integrated with advanced distribution systems, they can pulverize solid particles.

With a 30-liter spray tank, the DJI Agras T30 takes aerial spraying efficiency to new heights. Allows for more efficient spraying, especially on fruit trees. Using DJI’s digital farming solutions, the T30 helps reduce fertilizer use and increase yields with more robust practices by being based on high information content.


• 30 L tank
• The DJI Agras T30 can be folded by 80%.
• 360º radar system (obstacle sensor). The spherical radar system detects obstacles and barriers in all environments, weather conditions and viewing angles, independent of dust and light interference.
• Total water resistance: IP67. All critical components of the DJI Agras T30 have three layers of inherent protection and are rated IP67. Ideal for long-term use of pesticides and fertilizers, resistant to dust and some corrosion.
• Dual FPV cameras for monitoring
• RTK – Flight Accuracy
• STEERING TECHNOLOGY .Through a revolutionary technology, Agras T30 guarantees the uniform application of liquid phytopharmaceuticals in spray form, doubling the number of drops. It features 16 spray nozzles that provide wide coverage with uniform distribution, strong penetration and drift prevention. It has a spraying width of up to 9 meters and a spraying efficiency of 16 hectares/hour.

• Intelligent agriculture cloud platform

Two batteries and a charger for continuous operation
A state-of-the-art smart battery that is covered by warranty for 1,000 charges and 1999 hectares of flight; this extra long life significantly reduces operating costs. La estación de carga y el centro de carga inteligente pueden cargar completamente una batería en 10 minutos, lo que permite un funcionamiento continuo con sólo dos baterías y un cargador. The rigid safety case helps ensure battery safety and easy storage of the equipment.

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TAgras T30
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